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Style & Comfort

Carry it anywhere

The DGM chair is perfect for outdoors. The only carry bag with an adjustable strap. Carry it over the shoulder or across the back. It is NOT big, NOT bulky, and NOT a pain to assemble. It's portable, durable, lightweight and stylish. And with your hands now free, go ahead - hug your kids or take that selfie! 

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VIP seating

Easy Assembly | Portable | Durable

Front row and always reserved. Easily set up the DGM chair practically anywhere and never miss a moment of action. The corded metal rods snap quickly in place. Go cheer on your team, your child & favorite band! Its erg-design keeps your back comfortable, and its breathable fabric keeps it dry and cool. 

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Enjoy the view

Erg-design for comfort. Breathable fabric keeps you dry and cool.

With the only shoulder strap on the market, you can carry it comfortably from the game to the beach. It's compact and under 2 pounds. Comfortably wear it over your shoulder or across your back. It also fits nicely in your DGM backpack. Stock up a few now in both bright colors!

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The only bag you'll need!

DGM diaper bag backpak

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Prepared & Organized

16 pockets help organize everything you need

Out for a stroll or heading across the country? Put everything you need for you & your little one in this innovative backpack. Easily separate wipes and lotions from toys and snacks. Don't forget your laptop & drinks - it'll all fit!

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What do parents think?

  • “…best thing is the POCKETS. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL POCKETS.”
  • “The bonus bottom compartment is ingenious!”
  • “a bag that is neither too emasculating for me nor too tactical for my wife"

Do you agree?

Be greater than average

Stay determined

DGM is a veteran-owned family business - Semper Fi! Our brand is inspired by our kids. Our daughter Avery, who despite being born deaf, has shown us how much we can achieve by staying Determined, Gritty, and Motivated. After surgically fitted with two cochlear implants she slowly began to hear, then speak, and now keeps up with her older brother!  

Watch her sing...(kinda)!

Stay gritty

A percentage of our proceeds will always go to Chattering (Gritty) Children, an organization dedicated to helping kids with hearing loss. They achieve miracles daily.

Give a gift of language

Stay motivated

Decision you make will lay the foundation for your children's support for the rest of their lives. We all know that early planning is important, but what we do before they turn 18 is critical. Our good friend Phillip Clark at ENABLE offers 5 areas for consideration, and it's a good reminder as we jump into a new school year. 

5 things to plan for

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